OBASA Capital

Wanting to sell your business but don’t have family to pass it on to...?

Although you have a strong management team in place they don’t always have the where with all to buy? We like to think we bridge that gap to continue your legacy while offering an opportunity to your corporate family that helped you build and operate your business.

The OBASA Group is a portfolio of companies that Gord and his team have started from scratch. Recently Gord has expanded this group through OBASA Capital, acquiring existing operating companies that have a history of growth, strong, able and honest management, and sustainability for future growth.

About Gordon Doell.

Gordon Doell is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The OBASA Group of Companies. In 1986 Gord started Buying, Renovating and Renting houses... Over the years his Real Estate interests grew to Residential, Commercial and Warehouse Industrial Acquisition, Development and Conversions in cities throughout Saskatchewan.

Today OBASA is Diversified with its primary business in Real Estate Development / Property Management and Land Annexation creating Master Planned Communities for families and businesses in various capacities in Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Arizona.

OBASA's Corporate Housing Division OBASA Suites is not only one of Gord's core businesses; it is one of his personal business passions... OBASA Suites has grown across Canada and the Continental United States with affiliates World Wide. OBASA Suites is the recent winner recipient of The Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence for the past Five years.

Even though Gord has a great passion for creating new developments, he also has an appreciation for Buildings of Older Architecture. His recent Warehouse Loft Conversion of The Tractor Manufacturing Facility, "The Rumely Building" received an Architectual Design Award along with The Heritage Award for Sympathetic Reconstruction of this Landmark in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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Gord isn't big on Policy as much as he believes every situation is worthy of its own consideration. Motto: "We Capture our Success by meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our Customers".

On a personal note, in 1999 City of Saskatoon Henry Dayday Presented Gord The Citation for Laudable Conduct.